Former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had announced service structure and time scale promotion for engineers throughout the country on May 2012 at Pakistan Engineering Council, Islamabad. He also assured placement of qualified engineers as head of Engineering Departments and Institutions. In November 2012 Former Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Mir Changez Khan Jamali had finalised the service structure for engineers of Pakistan, which mainly included: Adoption of Five-Tier Service Stricture and time scale promotion for engineers, appointment of engineers on technical posts and placement of qualified engineers as head of engineering department and institutions, establishment of engineering academy for the professional development and capacity building of engineers.

The draft proposal, which was approved by the committee, was submitted to Establishment Division, meanwhile chairman PEC Syed Abdul Qadir Shah and his committee made unremitting struggle for implementation, but to date no results have been seen.

In United States of America there are 3.5 engineers per thousand of its population, whereas Pakistan has only 0.7 Engineers for the same number of people. In spite of this engineers are facing various problems such as appointment in lower grades, very slow promotion and lack of facilities and allowances. This is the reason that engineers are leaving the country for better prospect. We, therefore appeal to the Prime Minister to announce approval of the recommendations of the committee headed by former Federal Minister for Science and Technology.


Lahore, July 27.