As if the widespread protests were not enough to make the common folks lives miserable, the PPP government has announced a series of sit-ins in the entire province, against load shedding. This is acceptance of failure of the sitting government. It should resign if it fails to meet its constitutional obligation of providing basic services to the citizens. The problem of load shedding goes back to when the PPP ruled the roost at the center. So why did the Sindh government never protest then? After the 18th amendment, the ploy of Punjab exploiting Sindh is no more a viable pretext. To escape responsibility, the Sindh government is now launching an energy project. Load shedding in Sindh is largely a creation of the Sindh government itself. Moreover, WAPDA employees in Sindh deliberately exacerbate the load shedding problems by artificially increasing load shedding hours in rural Sindh to justify their claim of Punjab discriminating against Sindh

The people of Sindh should stop being so gullible and observe the pathetic performance of the Sindh government. The PPP learnt during its long partnership with the MQM, that protesting for one thing or another distracts people. They wander away from the main issues.

As PML-N is now caught in between Qadri and PTI’s long march, PPP might be using thewir own pressure to gain some concessions. This is most probably restraining the PML-N from perusing corruption cases against the PPP bigwigs. If this deal goes through, people should not be surprised to hear from the same fire breathing PPP leaders that load shedding is a universal problem and PML-N is doing its best to reduce it.


Johi, July 27.