ISLAMABAD - Many Pakistan army personnel are losing lives in the military operations in northern parts of the country against extremist groups; their families mourn while others celebrate Eid ul Fitr.

Eid celebrations marking the end of the fasting month of Ramadan this year aren't so joyful for the newly-married wife of Captain Mujahid Bashir, who had embraced martyrdom on July 12, 2014 in Bajaur Agency.

"I got married 6 months ago on January 12, 2014. I was desperately waiting for our first Eid together; now it will be spent in darkness," said Saliha, the widow of Captain Mujahid, in Islamabad.

"Everything was fine. Mujahid had taken leave and was coming home after one week for Eid vacations. We had also prepared his room when we all of a sudden got the news of his martyrdom," said Tahira, the sister of Captain Mujahid, with sad face.

"Our Eid festivity is with sorrows and grief," said father Muhammad Bashir dissolving in heavy tears.

The family of martyred Captain Mujahid feels gratified over the martyrdom in the holy month of fasting.

"Defending the country is an honourable thing. Soldiers take up to defend their country. For the country they put their life at stake and it is called martyrdom," said younger brother Muhammad Shahid with pride.

Talking to The Nation, the overwhelming emotions of Nazira Bibi, the mother of Captain Muhahid, on her son's death were visible.

"Mujahid used to call me and say Ammi please pray that God Almighty bless me with shahadat. And I used to say my son please don't say like this. I want to see your kids in my life. I haven't slept from the day of his death. When I close my eyes, I see his face in front of my eyes," she said.

Saliha Mujahid had a sad face, with plain white clothes but lighting up as she was recalling her short and happy time with her husband.

"My Eid preparations were high as it was our first Eid together and Mujahid was finally coming from hard area permanently. I had given Eid clothes to tailor and Mujahid and I had planned so many things for Eid," Saliha said.

"My heart cries every time I see my sister-in-law in state of shock and trauma. She wakes up in the middle of night and weeps, and her eyes have swollen dry because of crying," Tahira said.

"Our lives have completely changed. We no longer feel any happiness; feel hunger, or even sleep. When someone dies, we think we feel the pain but no, we don't. Nobody can feel until their loved one goes away for ever." Father of the martyred Captain Mujahid said and started weeping with a loud cry.

"Mujhaid's mother and I are very old and sick. I buried my son with my own hands. I cannot express the pain in my heart in my words," he added.

The sweetness of Eid festival has been changed into heart breaking memories in the house of the late military officer.  "Mujhaid Bhai's birthday was on July 8. We had arranged a birthday party for him on Eid. Our all excitements have become gloomy without him," said younger brother Shahid Bashir.

"It still seems like a dream. And we sometimes think Mujahid will come home to celebrate Eid with us," Tahira said with eyes full of tears.