LAHORE  - Jamaat e Islami chief Sirajul Haq has said that the JI will organise a big public rally in Islamabad on August 10 to condemn Israel’s brutalities and to express solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians.

In a statement issued here on Thursday, he said the August 10 rally would fully reflect the nation’s sentiments on the genocide of the Palestinians by the Zionist state, besides people’s love for the Qibla-e-Awwal.

He said people of Pakistan considered the bombings in Gaza as attacks on their own homes. The JI chief said it was unfortunate that none of the Muslim rulers had so far truly represented the Ummah on Palestine issue and were maintaining a criminal silence in this regard.

Haq called upon the OIC to convene summit of the Muslim rulers and announce Jihad against Israel. He said had King Faisal been alive today, he would have once again used petrol as weapon against the Western world.

The JI chief also expressed deep grief over the drowning of over two dozen people in the sea at Karachi and the road accident near Gambut causing six deaths. He prayed for the departed souls and expressed his sympathies with the bereaved families.



Jamaat e Islami General Secretary Liaquat Baloch has said that the JI chief will announce people’s agenda along with mass contact campaign in Islamabad on August 4, marking the beginning of the JI struggle against the corrupt ruling elite.

In a statement here on Thursday, he said the one year rule of the PML-N government was an irrefutable proof of the incompetence of the rulers.

“The government has badly failed to deliver both on the foreign and the home front,” he said and added that in view of the allegations of massive rigging in the 2013 elections, there was a serious threat to the democratic setup. He said PM Nawaz Sharif will have to search for a way out for the continuation of the democratic setup. He also referred to the deplorable plight of the IDPs who were awaiting return to their homes. 

Meanwhile, the JI secretary general has proceeded on a three-day tour to the Sindh during which he will address gatherings in Hyderabad, Nawabshah, Badin, and Mirpur Khas. He is accompanied by Dr Merajul Huda and Mumtaz Husain Sehtoo.