CHARSADDA - Awami National Party President Asfandyar Wali Khan has criticised handing over the federal capital to the army for maintenance of law and order and said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif provided army another opportunity to interfere in the democratic process.

Talking to party workers at Wali Bagh in Charsadda who had come to congratulate him on Eidul Fitr, Asfandyar said the ANP in no case could support invoking Article 245 to handover Islamabad to army.

He said his party supported across the board operation in North Waziristan and it should be taken to logical conclusion as soon as possible come what may. He said only a successful operation could establish peace in the region.

Asfand said the constitution allowed peaceful protest to everyone including Imran Khan and no one could be denied that right. However, he said, the protest should be completely peaceful and orderly. He said the PTI chief could not see rigging during the elections but after the passage of one year, he was raising the issue to derail democracy.

The ANP chief came down hard on the PTI government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by pointing out that due to inefficiency of the government, Rs 90 billion development budget went back to the central pool as the development projects could not be initiated. He said it was impacting negatively people of the province.

He claimed that during its tenure, the ANP government carried out record development schemes and gave the province its own identity. Asfand said the ANP government also extended full assistance to the IDPs of Swat operation and ensured honourable return of the affectees. He said presently the federal and provincial governments were making tall claims of assistance to the affectees but these were all false.