LAHORE - The power consumers across the country witnessed decrease in loadshedding during Eid days. Another factor which improved the electricity supply was the pleasant weather in Punjab which decreased the shortfall to 2000MW only. The Water and Power Ministry also diverted the industries’ supply to domestic sector to calm down the electricity consumers on Eid days.

Sources in power sector told that the electricity demands during past two days remained between 16000MW to 17000MW and the overall generation was 15000MW.

The hydel generation was about 5500MW while the IPPs and Gencos shared around 95000MW combine generation with national grid.

Lesco and other power distribution companies in Punjab made emergency arrangement to address the complaints of the consumers on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Sources said that two to three hours load shedding was being conducted by the power distribution companies of Sindh, KPK and Balochistan during Eid days.

On Thursday, the loadshedding re-visited the rural and urban areas of the country with little increase in demand due to humid and hot weather. Sources said that shortfall on Thursday touched 5000MW and around 10-hour loadshedding hit the consumers in the limits of Lesco, Fesco and Mepco. Around 12-hour loadshedding was conducted by Hesco, Sepco, Qesco, Tesco and Pesco while 8-hour power shutdown hit the consumers of Gepco and Iesco.