Daniel Radcliffe has admitted he can’t envisage anything that could tempt him back to his Harry Potter role. The actor made his name playing JK Rowling’s boy magician in a series of film adaptations of the books, but told Variety his heart sank when the author reprised the wizard, as she has in her recent short story about an ageing Harry.

He said: “Every time she writes something, I’m like, ‘Oh no!’ “I cannot envisage a set of circumstances where I would play him again.

Maybe there’s a chance that things go so well, I can go back.” Daniel added that he’d turned down many requests to appear in character: “I felt like I had to draw a line. I’m always going to be incredibly proud of those films, but there comes a point where it feels odd to me to put on the robe.”

He revealed that the problems many child actors have in converting to a career as an adult made him determined to succeed: “When I was 14 or 15, journalists would come and say, ‘What are you going to do after this?’ “I became aware very quickly that the narrative that people wanted to write was that these three guys did ‘Harry Potter’ and faded away. From quite a young age, I was determined not to let that happen.”

But Daniel said that as well as shaking off his Harry Potter image, there was also another common comparison he didn’t want to hear any more about. He said: “Oh man, I’m going to get tired of the Hugh Grant thing.

I guess it’s just that I view Hugh Grant as somebody who got into a rhythm of doing the same types of movies, and that’s everything I try not to do.”