Clause 7 of the Water Accord of 1991 states: “The need for certain minimum water flow to sea, below the Kotri to check sea intrusion was recognised. Sindh held the view that the optimum level was 10 MAF, which was discussed at length. It was, therefore, decided that further studies would be undertaken to establish the minimal release needs for Kotri”. This was back in 1991. No doubt, the release of limited water downstream from Kotri was recognised as a mandatory requirement as it was a question of life and death for millions of people living in Sindh, especially in the ecologically valuable Indus Delta. Wapda had reportedly conducted a so-called survey without taking Sindh on board and hence, the latter did not accept its results. I would appeal to the federal government and the Ministry of Water and Power to tell the Indus River System Authority to fulfill the mandatory requirements and release further water downstream from Kotri. This is essential if the livelihoods of millions of people living in that region are to be safeguarded.


Karachi, June 27.