BANNU/LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that Pakistan came into being forever and terrorism is not its destiny.

Addressing the displaced persons of North Waziristan at Baka Khel, Bannu, on the second day of Eid, he announced that his government would build 2,000 houses for those displaced in North Waziristan operation.

He said terrorists were enemies of the country and would be given a crushing blow by the armed forces .

The chief minister in his address paid glowing tributes to the sacrifices of the officers and jawans of Pak army in the war against terrorism. He said the war against terrorism was not less important than the one fought in 1965. He said currently Pakistan was fighting for its survival while 1965 war was for a specific objective. He said 180 million people of Pakistan were standing shoulder to shoulder with their armed forces . Shahbaz said the people of North Waziristan were benefactors of the nation as they had left their homes for the survival of the country. He said the whole Pakistani nation had been praying for the displaced brethren as well as the success of the army during the month of Ramazan and he was confident that peace and tranquility would be restored in the country and the displaced brethren and sisters would be able to return to their homes. He assured that all out help and assistance would be provided to the IDPs till their complete rehabilitation.

He also announced construction of a modern hospital in North Waziristan at a cost of one billion rupees. Shahbaz said Punjab government would also establish a modern university and Daanish school for boys and girls in the area. He said, besides supplying fodder for the livestock of displaced persons, a mobile hospital is also being sent by Punjab government.

The chief minister further said that tribal people had played a historic role not only for the creation of Pakistan but also for its stability and the Founder of Pakistan had also paid tributes to their services in this regard. He said it was lamentable that present day Pakistan was not what was envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

“There is a need to promote brotherhood, amity and justice for transforming Pakistan in accordance with the vision of the Quaid. Independence Day is near and every member of the society including politicians, generals, judges, government officers and officials should ask this question to themselves why the dream of the Quaid has not been realized as yet despite lapse of 67 years.”

“The goal of prosperity cannot be achieved without peace as terrorism and journey to progress and development cannot continue simultaneously. Energy crisis is decades old and peace and tranquility is essential for strengthening the country, stabilizing economy and overcoming load-shedding.”

“The nation should fully avail the existing opportunity and root out terrorism as Pakistan has reached the point of now or never. It is time of accountability of such elements as they want to impose their agenda on the nation at gunpoint.”

He said terrorists who were killing innocent Pakistanis for their ulterior motives were now being targeted by Pak Army.

Referring to the efforts of Punjab government and people of the province for the relief and assistance of displaced persons of North Waziristan, Shahbaz said it was a national and religious obligation which they had tried to discharge efficiently. He also distributed Eid gifts among IDPs. Later, he had food with IDPs and gave Eidi to their children. He said he wanted to celebrate Eid with them but could not come due to bad weather.

Meanwhile, on the instruction of Shahbaz Sharif, a mobile health unit reached Bannu for for treatment of IDPs. On the first day, the mobile health unit provided treatment facilities to 180 patients. Moreover, on the direction of chief minister anti-snake venom vaccine has also been sent to Bannu.