What does it take to fix an incompetent, corrupt, and callous department that has failed to perform its primary duties and allowed the spread of ill-health and disease amongst millions of citizens? The answer is that it only takes one ‘Ayesha Mumtaz’ to transform a department. Who is Ayesha Mumtaz? She is the Director Operations in the Punjab Food Department, she is honest, bold, efficient, unbiased, and tolerates no political influence or nonsense of any shade.

From high-end up-beat locations like Avari Hotel, PC Hotel, Freddy’s, KFC, Fat Burger and Gloria Jean’s to smaller joints like Mianji Restaurant, Malik Hotel, AFC, Zakir Tikka, Red Chilli and Fri-Chicks, she has sealed or fined scores of hotels and restaurants. For many it was their first exposure to ‘Hygiene & Food Safety 101.’

What does it take to transform a department? It takes an Adeeb Rizvi or an Ayesha Mumtaz, it takes someone who never says, “But this cannot be done in Pakistan.” Could we request the Punjab government to lend Ayesha Mumtaz to Sindh for 2 years? Sindh badly needs an IG Police, who is not just honest, bold, unbiased and competent but also tolerates no political influence or nonsense of any other shade.


Lahore, July 26.