The joint investigation team (JIT) report has become highly debatable both in the media and among the masses. The key concern of the JIT constituted by the Apex Court was to gather evidence in the Panama paper case. This was indeed, a delicate and demanding task which the thorough professional team, the learned members hailing from the relevant bodies, accomplished their task in a befitting manner in the stipulated time. The volume 10 of the said report containing the names of the witnesses have not been made public. It really augurs well in a country like ours where thugs, thieves, and money launders wield enormous clout in the society. 

This report reflects that the time has come for a very ruthless accountability of plunders and money laundress in the this Islamic Republic of Pakistan where rule of law, human rights and accountability of public office holders who become billionaires within a brief span of time has not been accorded the requisite importance in the past but it seems “Now or Never”. 


Islamabad, July 11.