National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) used to charge 70 rupees for the online transfer of 10,000 rupees to another NBP bank but since July 1st has started charging 380 rupees for the same. On checking up, it transpired that within a city the Online transfer charges from one NBP to another NBP are still the same, but for the online transfers to outstation, NBP banks charges have been increased almost five times of the previous. Why? Does the NBP bank computer consume exorbitant amount of electricity for the outstations transfers or has the bank computer an operator to work tremendously hard in sending the money from one city to another? When the effort, time taken and all other all other factors remain constant for the both local online transfer as well as an outstation online transfer, then why so much disparity in the bank charges for the two?

What is the NBP up to and why is it fleecing its customers for such outstation online transfers which doesn’t cost it even a penny extra or more than to make a similar online transfer locally? Hope the other banks are not indulging in a similar practice.

Would the Ministry of Finance and the State Bank of Pakistan look into it please.


Rawalpindi, July 11.