Balochistan is the largest and richest province of Pakistan that covers geographically almost 47 percent of the country land. Balochistan has been encountered the worst province Across the country in the field of education and the province is facing multitude hurdles in terms of educational facilities. The teachers in government schools are least punctual and fail to provide quality education to students. The teachers, who only appear five to ten days in a month, are ruining the future of manifold children and consequently the future of the nation. 

The Provincial government has failed to address this issue and ensure that teachers do their job honestly and seriously. As the Article 25A quotes, Right to education.—The State shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years in such manner as may be determined by law, but unfortunately the law is not being implemented. 

In the province there multitude villages which are totally ignored by the government as Kolahoo is of one the drop-dead villages in Turbat city. Sadly, the people of this village are deprived of the splendid quality of education, even though its people are so thirsty for getting education. Although Kolahoo’s schools are among those schools of Tump which are totally broken and they are not having the basic needs and facilities. The schools have shortage of class rooms, cold water and chairs and electricity. students ect. 

Recently, a parent based in Kolahoo said, ‘My son has a dream to be a doctor but I am very much depressed because, we are impoverished and do not have money to send our son to a private institution and the government-run-schools are out of condition’. 

The government of Balochistan is the onus to protect the new generations. Education is the ground laying right for every human being from every nation but, regrettably the children of Balochistan are deprived to get a great quality education from government- run- schools. 

Ali, 25, mason by profession expressed his disappointment. ‘I feel very much disappointed that I am a pauper but It makes me very melancholy today, I am a mason and tomorrow my sons are going to be the same because, of poverty we are losing our strength and our dreams are crushed out.’ 

Furthermore, if we Baloch want to see changes then first we have to endeavor to make the education system benediction. The dreams of poverty-stricken children can be fulfilled when the government of Balochistan wants them to pass a sumptuous life and be what they want to be. And the government of Balochistan had better wake up and affect a positive change in government school system. The teachers must take their job seriously and honestly, as their behaviour affects the lives of many. 


Turbat, July 12.