Rawalpindi  - The elected representatives of lawyers have urged Chief Justice (CJ) Lahore High Court to notify the attachments of Mianwali, Khushab and two tehsils of Gujrat district with LHC Rawalpindi Bench so that the residents of the said districts could get speedy justice. The burden on LHC (principal seat) would automatically reduce by attachment of these areas with LHC Rawalpindi Bench, they said.

At a press conference held at Rawalpindi Press Club (RPC) on Tuesday, Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench (LHCBA) President Hassan Raza Pasha Advocate and General Secretary Hifza Bukhari Advocate said that Rawalpindi bench is facing acute shortage of judges which should be fulfilled at the earliest as the litigants are facing numerous problems causing the number of cases to increase everyday in the court. Due to shortage of judges, every judge has a cause list of around 250 cases on daily basis making it impossible for them to hear all the cases in time, Hassan added. For inexpensive and speedy justice, he proposed that the attachments of district Mianwali, Khushab and two tehsils Sara-e-Alamgir and Kharian of Gujrat district with LHC Rawalpindi Bench would be in large interest of population of these districts. They said the road distance between Rawalpindi and Mianwali is some 219 kilometres whereas the travel distance between Lahore and Mianwali is 340 kilometres. The Similarly, the residents of Khushab, Sara-e-Alamgir and Kharian would have to cut short distance to reach LHC Rawalpindi Bench for hearing of their cases, the representatives of lawyers said. They also hailed the decision of CJ LHC Justice Yawar Ali of detaching district Lohdhran from LHC Multan Bench and attaching with LHC Bahawalpur Bench and attaching Sahiwal district with LHC (principal seat). President LHCBA and General Secretary also said with attachments of the said districts and two tehsils with LHC Rawalpindi Bench, the load of cases would lessen in LHC (principal seat) and litigants could get speedy justice.

 They also lauded the steps of LHC to provide relief to the litigants. The press conference was also attended and addressed by other representatives of LHCBA and assured their full support to CJ LHC Justice Yawar Ali in this regard.