BADIN - The Badin Press Club observed 15th anniversary of prominent public poet Ibrahim Munshi on Tuesday. Addressing the participants, Badin Press Club President Tanveer Ahmed Arain said that poetry of Ibrahim Munshi was against aggression, suppression and deprivation. He said that Munshi inspired the people through his vulnerable poetry for struggle and achievement.

Renowned literary figure, Muhammad Moosa Jokhio said that Munshi’s poetry was crusade against atrocities and dictatorship. He said his poetry conveyed message to the people for rights and determination.

Senior journalist Abdul Majeed Mallah said that Munshi’s poetry was strength of down-trodden, peasants and poor people and made them inspired.

The ceremony was also addressed by Shoukat Memon, Amar Soomro, Abdul Sattar Jokhio and others and they paid tributes to Munshi. The ceremony was participated by literary figures, writers, journalists and people from different walk of life.