Being a concerned mother I have been reading about the use of milk these days in Pakistan and it is shocking to know what is being done. Food authorities need to take strict action and step up to close these retail outlets selling adulterated milk, powder milk and loose milk as they have been proven time and again to be hazardous to human health. I am genuinely afraid to even go to these shops after knowing what kind of products they have been selling to the public. It was said that packaged milk posed a serious health risk, but I think otherwise. Packaged milk brands have been very upfront and transparent in revealing how their milk is sourced and processed. I see no reason to doubt them.

What caught my attention was a brand that has come out with a premium, nutritional and healthy milk product for the people under than name of Nutra-Hygin which is good as it focuses on how they care about the society instead of selling milk with chemicals in them as these shops do. From what I see and believe, the company behind the product has surely set a benchmark in terms of following the set standards of purity, quality and nutrition for others to follow. I, for one, am of the opinion that we should focus on packaged milk to keep us healthy and safe from the hazards that loose milk poses. Recently I’ve been reading up on how Punjab Food Authority plans on banning the sale of loose milk which is a move that I wholeheartedly support. I felt a relief that somebody is taking an initiative for the people in getting rid of this so called rampant menace being sold to the people in the name of ‘MILK’.


Karachi, July 12.