Styrofoam’s are considered to be one type of petrochemical made up of hazardous chemicals like styrene and benzene. Food especially hot food when is been packed or served in Styrofoam boxes and cups gets mixed with the particles of styrene and benzene present in it.

Punjab Food Authority has taken initiative to impose a ban on the selling of any kind of edible serving in Styrofoam boxes and cups for the safety of public they are serving. The respective initiative must be highly appreciated because Styrofoam boxes can provoke serious health concerns even cancer.

The use of Styrofoam is discouraged highly at international level also because of the health concerns. One thing that should be given more importance is to aware masses on this issue. People should be vigilant in this regard. They should prefer those things which are healthy and discourage the use of things that are harmful to the proper functionality of the body. Another reason why Styrofoam boxes and cups should be banned are the environmental concerns. It is bad for the environment too. Styrofoam boxes can be replaced with other packaging and serving materials which are better and more healthy options in comparison to Styrofoam boxes.