KARACHI - Deteriorating civic conditions in Karachi has also enhanced vulnerability of the citizens to instances of stray dog bites with all chances of getting inflicted with rabies, warned Dr Seemi Jamali, Executive Director, Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre (JPMC) here on Wednesday.

A seven-year-old boy Faizan was said to be brought this morning only from Gulshan-e-Iqbal area with serious injuries in his abdomen caused by dog bite.  The boy was provided immediate medical assistance and needed drug and vaccine therapy that reportedly has helped his chances of absolute recovery in few days time.

Dr Seemi Jamali, however, has warned that stray dogs roaming around in different localities of Karachi are a constant threat to the lives of the people and demanded a long-term as well as efficient strategy to get rid of the beast.

She in reply to a question said around seven dog bite cases reportedly died in JPMC only during the current year as were referred very late.  Such cases were said to be also registered at other major hospitals and needed to be taken into account by the authorities so as to develop a sustainable preventive approach.