The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is a sign of hope and pride for the government and people of China. Communist Party of China (CPC) has the ultimate power to guide and define the role of the PLA according to the philosophy and tactics of Sun Zu, wisdom of Confucius and ideology of Tao.

The PLA started its journey as protector of people’s interest and commenced its services by putting resistance against the domestic oppressors in 1937. It shielded the people against the ruthless crimes of oppressors. The struggle continued till 1950. Meanwhile, PLA also had to protect the sovereignty of the country against enemies during World War-II. The struggle concluded with the decisive victory of PLA under the guidance of Communist Party led by Chairman Mao Zedong.

Over the course of time, PLA decorated its chest with pride and numerous success stories. President Xi has ensured the integrity and capability of soldiers and PLA as an institution. The vision of PLA has also been revised according to changing global dynamics and role of China. The new vision has three basic responsibilities for PLA to perform, i.e. “safeguarding China’s Sovereignty, Security and Development Interests”. The preservation of development interests at international level is a new dimension, which has enhanced sphere of work manifold. The contribution in the UN Peacekeeping forces is another feather in the cap of PLA. Now, PLA is contributing highest number of soldiers to the UN peacekeeping missions.

Despite the continuous reforms, one aspect always remained constant in PLA’s vision and decision-making, i.e. the cooperation with Pakistan. PLA and Pakistan army always enjoyed a brotherly relationship. They are working together to assist each other in developing their strengths and safeguarding national interests. The cooperation between two armies is multi-dimensional and multifaceted.

Although, there are countless examples of successful cooperation, but the Heavy Mechanical Complex, Taxila and JF-17 Thunder stand out as most important examples. Owning to the Complex, Pakistan has become somehow self-sufficient to produce some weapons. The joint venture and production of JF-17 has changed the whole dynamics of Pakistan’s defence industry. JF-17, a modern fighter jet, has also emerged as a good source of foreign exchange earnings, as it has high demand among militaries. Both militaries also joined hands to erect the miracle of “Shahra-i-Karakorum”. Both militaries are cognizant of the changing dynamics of region and world.

They are also well aware of the realignment of different countries that can harm the core interests of both countries. Hence, they are trying to strengthen their cooperation to counter and combat the emerging problems. The cooperation is getting stronger day by day especially in the fields of modern technologies and non-traditional warfare. Though both militaries are entering into a new era, the core value of cooperation, “the mutual respect and understanding”, is still intact. It gives hope to the people of both countries that the cooperation will remain intact and improve in future to safeguard people and core interests of each other.