It was an ill-fated spring for the Wuhan city residents of China. All the festival preparations were at their peak. But suddenly, the country was struck with COVID-19, the novel coronavirus which started spreading in the second week of January 2020. At once all the festivities came to a halt. Measures had to be taken that could help control the spread which compelled the government to announce a complete lockdown in Wuhan city on January 23, 2020. They asked people to stay at home and follow the state’s instructions. China implemented a comprehensive response without any ifs and buts which helped it contain the spread of COVID-19 at domestic and international levels.

Pakistan, being an iron brother, left no stone unturned to counter the negative propaganda against China. The most heartening aspect was that the campaign was led by the people of Pakistan, which reflects the strength of this relationship. The people of Pakistan sent supplies to China and also prayed for its success against COVID-19.

Regrettably, the efforts of China were not recognized at international level and were criticized by the West in one way or the other. Instead of extending their cooperation, these countries used this incident to malign China. The Government of Pakistan also stood firmly with the Chinese people and government. Pakistan was also among the first countries to send supplies to China and tried to offer what it had at that time.

In a nutshell, China fought COVID-19 with a brave heart, Sun Tzu strategy, Confucius’ wisdom and Tao’s belief. China is now utilizing all its resources to reciprocate the good gesture of its friends which are battling against the COVID-19 crisis, and Pakistan is one of them. Although China is helping countries across the world but its dealing with Pakistan is entirely different from the rest of the world.

It is heartening to note that People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has also come forward to assist Pakistan. It is unusual because most of the time PLA avoids direct engagement with other countries. President Xi Jinping himself is leading the efforts and making sure that Pakistan receives all the supplies on time. President Xi sent a special team of doctors to build the capacity of Pakistani doctors to fight COVID-19.

Contrary to the propaganda, China has offered Pakistan to expand the scope and work of CPEC. Pakistan and China are also discussing to devise tools to speed up economic cooperation after COVID-19. China has made sure that, first of all, CPEC related projects should not be impacted by COVID-19 at any cost. Although opponents of CPEC have launched a smear campaign against this mega project, Pakistan and China are paying no heed to the campaign.

The lobbying at G-20 meeting is another evidence of Chinese support on the economic front. China raised the issue of debt re-scheduling and relaxation at G-20. It helped Pakistan get some relaxation in debt payment.

In conclusion, we can say that Pakistan and China’s relationship is immune to any type of externalities and hardships. Both countries always stand by each other no matter what the situation is. History tells us that difficult times further strengthen the bilateral relationship. It has strengthened the notion of iron brotherhood and shows the true bond between the two which is beyond the comprehension of the world.