LAHORE            -        Punjab Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan Friday said that the country was on the path of rapid development and prosperity with significant improvement in the stock market and with major achievements in the tax collection target.

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was making serious efforts for the development of the country and that, despite the coronavirus pandemic, he had been able to rescue the beloved homeland from a difficult situation.

Abdul Aleem Khan said the first month of new financial year was a clear sign of significant improvement and tax collection of Rs 57 billion in July alone was the best performance, says a handout.

He said that significant progress was also being made in the construction sector as 40 industries related to this sector were being developed, which would accelerate the wheel of the economy and provide employment opportunities to the people besides stabilizing the economic situation in the country.

Abdul Aleem Khan said that Imran Khan’s vision was to make Pakistan the best possible place for which long lasting and stable policies would be implemented in all sectors. Next three years would lead the country towards clear development and improvement, he said and added the present government would come up to the expectations of people by fulfilling its promises made during the general election.