LAHORE-Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) President Salim Saifullah Khan has welcomed and expressed appreciation on the initiative of Federal Minister of IPC Dr Fehmida Mirza to resume sports activities after Eid ul Azha.

Talking to The Nation here on Friday, the PTF chief termed the initiative as a timely step in the right direction as all sports persons are unable to pursue their practice and training routines for the last four months due to Covid-19 pandemic.

“Sports activity resumption date is yet to finalised, however, it shall be done in three phases in accordance with SOP’s decided by the government. The PTF has planned to revive national and international tennis in the mid September, but it’s all dependent upon the announcement of government, as after that the tennis activities will be restarted,” he added.

Salim Saifullah said that after this decision of government, the momentum of national and international sports as well as tennis activities would pace up and all the national players will be seen in action in different national and international tournaments. “We will resume our tennis activities with calendar events, where the players will enjoy the activity after a gap of four months.”

The PTF president said that soon after the resumption of tennis activities, the provincial units would also be directed to play their key roles in conducting a good number of junior and senior national tennis tournaments to help the players get back rhythm and give out their best performances at higher level.

“There is no dearth of talent in the country, as we have very promising talent especially in tennis. If the provincial units conduct maximum number of camps at junior level and also hold healthy competitions among them, they can find fresh talent and refer it to the PTF. We will train and groom them and also provide them exposure so that they may excel and serve the country at international level,” Salim Saifullah asserted.

Advisor to President PTF, Khawaja Suhail, also commended the PTF for its key role in revival of international tennis and sports, which were in full swing prior to the pandemic. “It would be challenging task to make up for the loss of practice and competitive tennis, but like globally affected sports, we shall accelerate efforts to our best ability to get back in shape from where we left.”