ISLAMABAD (APP) - Former Commerce Minister Humayun Akhtar Khan Sunday said that Chaudhrys of Gujrat opposed his nomination as party candidate for Prime Minister's slot when Zafarullah Jamali was removed from the position. Talking to a private TV channel, the former Minister said that his party leadership preferred the elevation of a technocrat to this position and they have faced the music of this policy in shape of 2008 election results. To a question, he said the major cause of PMLQ's unpopularity among the masses was that its leadership preferred the personal view point on national agenda.He said the imposition of emergency on November 2 was a big blunder that earned bad name for the then rulers. Hummayun said that he has no personal vendetta with the Chaudhry brothers and is not leading any forward bloc within the party. The fate of PML-Q would become clear next year when the election of its president is held. According to the party constitution a person can not hold the top position for more than two terms, Hummayun said adding he will not be a candidate for the slot. It depends on the attitude of the leadership whether the party remains integrated or splits, he said while responding to a question. He admitted that PML-Q government paid no attention to agriculture sector and consequently the food inflation started to rise during year 2004 when the indicators of economic growth were in the positive direction. It was not a PML-Q specific phenomena only rather the successive governments in the past failed to pay the due attention to agriculture sector, he said.