DAVINA McCall has admitted that she does not know if Big Brother will be on the air in three years' time. The show's host revealed that she wants the programme to end on a high rather than "dying a painful death" after losing popularity with viewers. McCall also confirmed that she is hoping to find a new TV project before the Channel 4 reality show reaches its final series. "Look, I'm under no illusions. It's the 10th anniversary next year. I'd love it to carry on for another three years but I don't know if it will," McCall told The Mirror. "So I'd like to find something else that fits me as well. I'd probably say that we'd all walk away together. I'd like to think the producers would come to me a good year before the show finished and end on a high, rather than let it die a painful death. I'd only leave if it was dying on its feet. But it's not doing that."" DS She added: "I feel I'm an intrinsic part of Big Brother. I'd be really upset if I saw someone else presenting it. One of the reasons I planned all my pregnancies around the show is because I don't want anyone else to do it."