ISLAMABAD (APP) - The mesmerizing fall hues with eye-catching variety create a magic spell on those living in capital or visit popular recreational spots these days. Creating majestic effect on moods, it is an enchanting attraction for artists, poets and nature lovers to discover and explore the beauty of nature. Autumn, the interval between two colossal seasons of Summer and Winter, provide unusual feelings that offer a crispness to the morning with the start of November when the angle of sun starts to change and days get shorter to give various signs of changes in the season. With the advent of fall, plants start changing their colors as greens turn in black and brown while reddish, rust, ochers and yellows replace fresh greens. The natural beauty of hilly areas at Daman-e-Koh roadsides attract the greatest number of sightseers adding special enchantment for local and foreign visitors and colorful backgrounds for photographers. Among the popular recreational spots, Pir Suhawa, Rawal Lake, Premises of Faisal Mosque and few sites of Shakarparian that enrich capital's beauty with blazing shades. Ahmed Habib, a renowned artist who specifically paints Autumn in his work and takes nature as a major source of inspiration, says "It is a time when we use a multitude of colors." "People don't think much about plants until autumn whispers in the air revealing the multitude of colors that emerge from what was previously a plain green background," says the artist. "Walking on dry leaves with crispy sounds provide an amazing feeling which is considered as the best feature of the season near Autumn lovers," he observes. At various spots of Shakarparian, students from various fine arts institutions, seem busy in collecting the scenes of fall on their canvases with a special focus on landscapes. According to them, the most attractive beauty in this season is the black tone of greens and browns while reddish touch in rust, ochers and yellows depicts the awesome charm of the season with vibrant display of colors. "It freshens the mood while looking some good color emerging by the middle of the month," an autumn lover said while visiting the premises of Faisal Mosque. According to horticulture experts, the plant leaves begin to die in autumn as the green photosynthetic pigment, chlorophyll, decays rapidly while other photosynthetic pigments, yellow carotenoids, decay more slowly and still other pigments, red anthocyanins, are produced as byproducts of the death of the leaves.