MUMBAI (AFP) - Hundreds thronged Mumbai's boardwalk overlooking the Arabian Sea on Sunday carrying candles to remember those killed in the devastating attacks on the city. "The ones who were lost on the gruesome day will stay in our hearts forever," one young man scrawled on a sheet of paper posted on a police booth as others waited to write condolence messages. Hundred of candles were planted along the boardwalk in the shadow of the shattered and blackened windows of one of the hotels seized. Many of those at the vigil were visiting the area for the first time since the attacks. They were young and old, men and women, some dressed in tight tee-shirts and cargo pants, others in saris or burkhas. Many of the women wore white, the traditional colour of mourning in India. Some of the scrawled messages urged Indians to stand together, but many of the messages were also angry - accusing India's politicians of incompetence and urging them to act against Pakistan. "Hello government, when will you wake up" read one message. "Please do something now"