During the past three days over a dozen people had been shot dead mercilessly in Karachi while over 100 have sustained injuries because of infighting between the famous ethnic parties in the financial capital of Pakistan. The ethnic parties are blaming each other for ongoing and intensifying killings and terror-spree. The top guns of these parties are not only holding dialogues with each other, but also stressing the need of harmony, peace in Karachi, but despite these efforts several incidents of murders, robberies, burning of shops, vehicles and forced vacation of shops had been reported in different areas, dominated by both the leading ethnic parties in this mega city of Pakistan. The reign of terror had been stepped up in Karachi from the day the gruesome incidents of killings, gun-battles had begun in Mumbai between the Indian authorities and mysterious terrorists last week. One the one hand the people of Karachi are fearing any major mishap/tragedy in the backdrop of threatening tones of the Indians while on the other the infighting between the ethnic parties had been mounting with the passage of every-day, embarrassing the people. Instead of showing loyalty with Pakistan at a time when the country is facing a conspiracy in the shape of attacks on Mumbai, some militants of the ethnic parties were out to sabotage peace, shed the blood of their rivals (which is also leading to the deaths of innocent people) and spoiling the clam in Karachi. It is no more a secret now that scores of the activists and workers of the ethnic parties in Karachi have amassed lethal weapons. In fact, it is being observed that a race is going on in Karachi for the maximum purchase/dumping of deadly weapons. The top shots of the Federal Government, Sindh Government, Rangers and the Intelligence Agencies as well, completely know each and everything about the weapons-raising in Karachi. But only a lip-service is being done by the government authorities, intelligence agencies and the top guns of the ethnic parties in the city. On Saturday the Home Minister of Sindh Dr Zulfiqar Mirza ordered the police to kill the shooters on the spot while the eminent leaders of MQM and ANP, who accompanied Dr Mirza at the meeting that was followed by a press conference, also urged the trouble-making elements in the city to show solidarity and dedication with the country and do not become part of any conspiracy. However, their keenness to promote peace in Karachi would remain a dream only unless and until the ethnic parties and their diehard activists/workers do not surrender fatal weapons, they have acquired during the past few weeks/days as they foresee a major showdown in the city anytime, especially after the issuance of threats by the Indian government officials. Many sane elements in the country and in Karachi are talking frequently about the de-weaponisation of the financial capital of Pakistan and they are looking towards the PPP government, law enforcement agencies and the ethnic/political parties here to join hands with the government to make Karachi free from lethal weapons. The government and other stakeholders should also strongly crush the ongoing drive of gruesome killings, dacoities, setting on fire vehicles and lawlessness that are getting momentum day by day, otherwise, the situation in this mega city of Pakistan can become worst, leading to un-measurable losses to people, businessmen and investors.