LAHORE - Chairman Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said the entire nation is behind the government in case of any aggression against Pakistan. Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, he warned that the government should act responsibly at this moment. Sheikh Rashid said a conspiracy has been hatched by RAW, FBI and Israel to destabilise ISI. He said that Indian Prime Minister's statement to summon the ISI Chief was part of that conspiracy. Criticising Yousuf Raza Gilani for giving consent in the beginning to send the ISI Chief to India, he said this could have been ridiculous and embarrassing for Pakistan. He said that India would definitely reject such a demand from the Pakistani premier. He said it was unfortunate that the persons unfit for administration were ruling the country. He said that those unfit for maintaining the security at Sunday Bazaars were given the charge of country's security. He demanded halt to the military operation in tribal areas and immediate withdrawal of troops. To a question, Sheikh Rashid said that Pakistan has acquired ample nuclear technology and India and other powers were trying to exert pressure over the missile programme. He said India should understand the prevailing situation and avoid waging war. He said that the situation was different from that in 1971 and there could be a much different and dangerous battle. He warned India to avoid making a blunder of initiating war in the region.