As the horror saga unfolded in the India 's financial capital, Mumbai that saw a three-days killing spree, Pakistan, its military and premier intelligence agency are once again under a withering international scrutiny and spotlight. Most ironically, with world powers standing behind India in this hour of need, Pakistan, a rival neighbor, which has a massive contribution in brining peace to the world and given more sacrifices for this purpose than any other country as a front-line state in war against terror stands isolated. We hardly see even a single story or statement published in international media in its support or portraying its viewpoint, let alone supporting our claims. For the time being tension continue to escalate between Pakistan and India. From the very word go when the gory drama started in Mumbai, the Indian security men and political leaders declared that the terror plot had Pakistan 's fingerprints. Interestingly blame from Indian leadership came when the Mumbai police, army and navy commandoes were still clueless as to what was happening before them. It was entirely a new kind of beast for them. The story they fabricated this time was too absurd to be given into by any one. It is being claimed by the Indian side that 10 terrorists from Karachi entered India through its shores. They hired ship from Karachi , entered the Indian waters where they captured a boat with four Indian fishermen on board. They killed three of them, keeping alive the fourth to lead them to shores of India. As soon as they got near Mumbai they killed the last fisherman. On arrival in Mumbai they split into five separate groups to carry out the task being assigned to them. The Indian security agencies also claimed that while liquidating nine terrorists, they captured one alive, Azam Amir Kasab. The modus operandi used by the terrorist, targeting the Jews, UK, USA citizens was sure to invite international censure. Already US President pledged his full support for the Indian government. "The leaders of India can know that nations around the world support them in the face of this assault on human dignity" US President stated. The US media, leading newspapers and channels also supported the Indian claim that terrorists were radical Islamists from Lashkar-i-Tayyaba, trained in Karachi with maritime capabilities. These channels and newspapers also highlighted similar claims made by some unidentified US officials. Some experts even believe that Mumbai carnage will again undermine Pak-US relations. Already unprecedented international intelligence cooperation involving the spy masters, forensic and terror experts from UK, USA and Israel got underway to crack the motive behind the Mumbai massacre. Interestingly, the terror struck Mumbai when Pakistan Foreign Minister just concluded his talks with his counterpart on the first day of his arrival in New Delhi. Both the foreign ministers agreed to wage a joint war against terror. In Pakistan the gory drama was witnessed with a greater degree of concern, knowing that India will sooner or later implicate Pakistan or ISI. As the tension mounts and security and military experts claimed the next 24 to 48 hours highly critical, the political leadership after an initial faux pas made some positive moves. President Zardari, Prime Minister Gilani and Army Chief Kiani have been seen maintaining a close contact. They held a series of meetings. The cabinet was briefed about the latest developments and so were the opposition and opinion leaders. In the wake of these contacts, the response of the government was quite befitting against the Indian onslaught and propaganda. Foreign Minister called for restraint on the part of India in view of some veiled threats emanating from New Delhi. Zardari also warned the Indian side against showing over-reaction. He said that Pakistan promised to send Director ISI and not DG ISI at this initial stage. Given the emerging scenario, it seems Pakistan is on the receiving end of a great deal of criticism. It is for sure that the world powers would apply more pressure on Pakistan to take corrective measures. Already US supported by India and other major powers including UK has been trying hard to tame ISI. Heat is again directed at ISI. Even the media reports that have appeared so far the world over suggested that India 's target is ISI more than the political government in Pakistan. We learnt that Indian govt is considering to print a white paper on the activities of ISI. The Indian govt would then distribute these white papers among the international community. In face of these developments, showing full faith in ISI on the part of PPP govt, telling the world leaders that our premier agency is not at fault is a wise move. Again, Pakistan finds itself isolated with India leading in the media warfare. It is high time for our governments and diplomats to understand that this is an age of psychological and media warfare. As such we need to invest more in terms of both physical and mental resources in this direction. At present it seems we have little or no penetration in the world media. E-mail: