Village Bhila Hithar is at a distance of 20-kilometer from Kasur city. This village had witnessed a gross violation of human rights last year when a young man was beaten naked before a so-called Panchayat in the presence of ladies and locals in an open square of the central bazaar here. Then Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry took suo motto notice of the incident and action was taken against some very influential people who had sat in that Panchayat. After that incident, there was no human rights violation here for a long time. The village people, though, want a suo motto action taken again - this time against the local Health Department officials and WAPDA. In a recent horrible incident, a boy Ali Sher died of dogbite just because there was no vaccine available in the village dispensary. Seven months ago, one Nazir Ahmed of this same village went up his roof and suffered a severe shock from the loosely hung high-velocity electricity wires that crossed his roof unlawfully. No case was registered and the widow, children and old parents of the deceased still await compensation from WAPDA. -KHALIL AHMED, Kasur, via e-mail, November 20.