ISLAMABAD - President Asif Ali Zardari, who is also Pakistan Peoples Party Co-Chairman, has asked the party workers on the occasion of 43rd Founding Day of the party to foil conspiracies and continue march forward to build a modern, progressive, egalitarian and democratic Pakistan where the poor and downtrodden will also live with honour and dignity. Let us reiterate our commitment to foil all conspiracies against the party and vow to uphold principles of democratic empowerment, end of militancy and economic opportunity for all as envisioned by Shaheed Mohtarma Bhutto and for which she laid down her life, he said in a statement on Monday. The celebrations this year are taking place at a time when the Party, its leaders and government is subjected to a vicious campaign to tarnish its image by the remnants of dictatorship even as it has been elected by the people through a democratic vote, he said. Let us make it clear that no matter what our adversaries may do Bhuttoism still continues with vigour and intensity to empower the people, extricate them from deprivation and foil conspiracies against their empowerment, he said. President Zardari said the Party had always served the masses with distinction and would continue to do so in the future as well. Recalling the achievements of the PPP, he said the party gave the country a unanimous Constitution in 1973, gave rights to the minorities, labourers and women, enlarged press freedom and gave a democratic culture. It is the PPP that gave the nation nuclear and missile technology, the Steel Mills, Karakoram Highway, Kamra Aeronautical Complex, Heavy Mechanical Complex, Heavy Engineering Complex, Gwadar Port and Multan Oil refinery, he said. During last nearly 20 months the PPP government had achieved what others could not do in years, he said. The PPP Co-Chairman said the present PPP government gave political ownership to the war against militancy, launched a massive poverty alleviation programme the Benazir Income Support program (BISP), took measures to help farmers and steered the country out of near economic meltdown. During a short span of twenty months, the PPP government introduced far reaching political reforms in Gilgit-Baltistan, gave the unprecedented Balochistan Empowerment Package to heal the festering wounds of the people of the province as well as announced reforms in the tribal areas, he said. He said the PPP government also reinstated the sacked employees through legislation, gave free shares to the workers in state-run enterprises, embarked upon a massive public private partnership to make people stakeholders in development projects, introduced the culture of national reconciliation and secured strategic support to Pakistan under the umbrella of Friends of Democratic Pakistan. President Zardari said amendments in the Constitution had almost been finalised in consultation with all parties to make it truly democratic and federal in character, which would be announced soon. Paying tributes to the Party workers, he said, As we reflect on these successes our thoughts go out to Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, to the hundreds of martyrs of democracy who gave their lives for the cause of democracy and empowering people. Our thoughts also go to our valiant soldiers, policemen and members of the law enforcement agencies who laid down their lives to rid the country of the menace of terrorism and militancy. He said the courageous and devoted workers of PPP were the strength of the party and the nation. They had never, and would never hesitate in their quest for a modern, progressive and democratic Pakistan. The dream of democracy has survived on their sweat, blood and tears. It is because of them that dictatorship has not been able to take roots in Pakistan, he added. The epic struggle for transforming Pakistan from backwardness into a modern, democratic and welfare nation state resting on the power of its people will continue, no matter what our detractors say or do, he said.