The players who perform well continue getting awards in the form of money, trophies, medals and unlimited media projection. It is, however, great that some one has thought of recognizing the services of those who have contributed to progress of the game off the field as administrators, organizers and in other capacities. It is learnt that the International Cricket Council (ICC) has sent to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) fifty medals for award to such persons. Since the item has not been released to the media, the details of the scheme are not known but it is said that the PCB is busy in preparing a list of the 'lucky ones'. I consider it to be a pretty complicated issue, which may involve, favoritism and bribe. As an all time lover of cricket, I suggest that a committee should be formed with a judge of the High Court as the chairman along with the Chairman PCB and a few cricket experts as members to choose the awardees. The method should be to prepare the list of nominees and call for their 'profiles' high-lighting the persons' deeds and achievements for the purpose of study and comparison. Preference must be given to those who served the cause of cricket in honorary capacity for love of the game over those who served the PCB drawing fabulous salaries and high perks and privileges. This will provide justice to those Who rendered meritorious service to the game in its real sense. RAFI NASIM, Lahore, November 30.