ISLAMABAD Showing little respect to the members of Prime Ministers official entourage, the British High Commission here on Monday asked them to furnish marriage certificates and the papers showing details about their dependants for securing visa. When contacted the British High Commission officials confirmed that now the visa seekers were required to furnish marriage certificate and the official record of their children. However, it seemed a bit awkward in case of the people who are part of the PMs official entourage to fulfil such requirements. Some media men accompanying the PM on the visit agitated on the way they were treated and said that UK High Commission should at least have shown some respect to the members of PM team. The Foreign Office spokesman was not available for comments but sources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the British High Commission should have relaxed conditions for the members of the PM entourage. The sources said that though there was nothing in black and white in this regard but usually the members of the official entourages were given certain relaxations as a goodwill gestures by the states on reciprocal basis. Normally, the sources said, the members of official entourage coming to Pakistan from United Kingdom or any other European state were given special protocol here. Likewise, they were treated with special care and were given some relaxations by Pakistanis embassies when they apply for visa. They said it was a weakness on part of the Government of Pakistan, as it did not take up such issues with these states and the foreign missions representing these states in Pakistan were paying little regard to the visa seekers. Another source in the government said being the member of Commonwealth of Nations, Pakistan should be given some special treatment by the United Kingdom, the head of the organisation, but the way they had treated the members of the PM entourage was not fair. Seeking such details from the members of an official delegation did not sound rational, and such delegations should be exempted from furnishing such details, as all those accompanying the PM were not ordinary people, the source added. The source said it was all due to the weakness on part of the Foreign Ministry officials who did not take up such issues with host states and that was the reason that foreign missions bring changes in visa policy without consulting them.