LONDON (Online/APP) - Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik has refuted rumours of his departure in a possible Cabinet reshuffle expected in the coming weeks. Responding to a question on a possible change of his portfolio or his outright exit in the wake of the announcement that a Cabinet restructuring is to take place, he told a news conference at his Central London residence Sunday evening that he was answerable to his leadership. If I am working well or that if my leadership is not satisfied with my performance, the PM has a right to take decision on me. However, as far as I know and understanding given to me there is no such truth in these rumours, he said. Answering another question on NRO, the Minister said the matter is before the Supreme Court and nobody has the right to impose its views on an issue, which is a sub judice matter. Malik said under Section 264, a closed case cannot be reopened. He also spoke of his meeting with the MQM leader Altaf Hussain and said he delivered messages of President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to him. The Minister said in democracy differences of opinion do exist. He said MQM differed with PPP on the issue of NRO but this did not mean that either party would abandon each other. We are very much allies in Sindh and at the Federal level. Malik said during the course of their meeting, it was agreed to solve all issues with mutual understanding. The meeting also decided to ensure mutual consultation between higher leadership of both the political parties for avoiding possible differences in future. Talking to a TV channel, Malik expressed governments resolve to flush out terrorists from the country at any cost and vowed not to bow before terrorists. Rejecting any possibility of holding negotiations with Taliban despite terrorists willingness, he said they must surrender, adding that for the last three weeks, he had been receiving different messages from Taliban while requesting to negotiate. Taliban have only two options, surrender or flee from the country. No third option is available to them, as Pakistani forces are hunting them, he said, adding that the tribesmen had also realised that Taliban were their enemies. They were convinced that Taliban were responsible for their woes. Tribes are no more providing them sanctuaries, he claimed.