It has been more than a decade that there are some people of high stature who insist that India should be given an most favourite nation (MFN) status in order to have a good trade relationship. But the majority has reservations that such a status or link may be dangerous as India is going to take leverage of friendly attitude and try to establish its influence which may be detrimental in the long run. As a result Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) started in which people to people contact was given importance. It lead to limited trade and exchange of cultural shows and movies. The problem in our own industry also encouraged people to get involved in establishing trade links. There are also examples that some businessmen tried to invest in Indian industry for their survival. India is considered as an emerging economic power in the region. It is slowly and gradually trying to introduce and establish its position and find markets for its products. For Pakistan under the prevailing scenario when the political leadership of India tries to blame Pakistan for any incident due to its own in-capabilities and its Chief of the Army uses a threatened language what should be our response. It is very clear that we as Pakistanis are never going to compromise on our security concerns. Our sovereignty and national integrity is above all. We as a nation need to develop an insight as how to go along with this neighbor. We should never let our guards down but be careful over statements and diplomatic maneuvers of India. The future perspective in the light of today's experience and observation needs to be Pakistan specific giving a clear message that we are strong enough to defend ourselves on all fronts. ANWAR PARVEEN, Rawalpindi, November 30.