LAHORE - Despite high inflation, Eidul Azha festivity in the provincial capital witnessed a rare enthusiasm mainly due to the four holidays, which gave a good opportunity to the people to spend leisurely moments in parks and other public places with their families. The metropolis was divided in two categories of 'haves and have-nots on this Eidul Azha, which included the well-off families who managed to purchase a goat or cow for sacrifice, and those who could not even take a share in collective sacrifice of cow due to their limited income. On the first day of Eid, many Lahorites endlessly waited for a gift of meat from close relatives while others visited their relatives to enjoy get-together after eating a lot of mutton or beef platters. However, no one could take way the right of entertainment and merry-making from the poor. They, along with their families, rushed to the parks and public places like zoo to add salt of enthusiasm to their festivity. The Lahore Zoo remained the most favourite place of Lahorites especially children who love to spend their Eid moments while playing on swings and watching animals. The zoo witnessed rare turnout of middle class families, but many of them returned disappointed due to long queues for tickets on the 3rd day of Eid. More than 100,000 people got zoo tickets on the 2nd and 3rd day. Traffic remained jammed near two gates of the zoo due to the crowd while similar conditions were also witnessed on the gates of famous parks of the City. Lahore Zoo Director Zafar Shah while talking to The Nation said that extra-ordinary rush of people had been seen in the Lahore Zoo on this Eid. People from suburbs of the City visited the zoo on 2nd and 3rd day of Eid. The traditional Lahori style of festivity started with a lot of meat eating and cooking plans for Eid day. After the meal and parties at home, the mood of festivity continued till Monday. People rushed to recreational places like Lahore Zoo, City Museum, Lahore Fort and Jallo Park. Beside small parks, Bagh-e-Jinnah, Race Course Park, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, Minar-e-Pakistan, Model Town Park, Badshahi Mosque, Linear Park Model Town were packed with people showing high mood of festivity of the Lahorites. The restaurants in the posh areas earned huge profits by offering lamb-leg roast and Saji (leg roast) services to people. Besides the Lahore Zoo, Lahore Fort, Museum, Sozo Water Park earned extra-ordinary Eid profits by huge sale of entry tickets to the families and visitors. Shortage of public transport on roads caused great inconvenience to people in reaching at the recreational places from their homes and back home. Rickshaw and taxi drivers exploited the situation and charged high fares from the 'helpless citizens. A large number of people from other cities visited Lahore to see historical places. They faced the same problem of shortage of public transport and high fares of rickshaws and taxis. On Monday, which was the last day of the four Eid holidays, outsiders started coming back to Lahore from their hometowns after celebrating Eid with their families due to which a great rush of people was witnessed at roads and bus stops. Besides the fun and joy, visitors at recreational parks including Lahore Zoo were charged double rates of eatables and cold drinks, which disturbed Eid mood of the families, which were already hit hard by inflation and price-hike. Visitors namely Naushin, Mian Akram, Ali, Jamil, Shakeel, Wasif, Amir, and Faheem while talking to The Nation said that the canteens contactors at the public places were fleecing the visitors in the name of Eid. However, they appreciated the foolproof security arrangements made by the police in parks, restaurants and public places during Eid holidays. The City Police took high security arrangements to maintain law and order and to avoid any untoward incident while a large number of police mobiles remained on roads.