KARACHI (APP) - The number of crimes here in the provincial metropolis declined during the period from January 1 to November 15, 2009 as compared to the corresponding period last year. According to a report presented to Home Minister Dr Zulfikar Mirza, during the period under review, there had been 132 cases of dacoities, robberies 1,046, murders 44 and snatching and lifting of vehicles 1,030. As per details of the report, 8,541 dacoits were arrested in 2,151 police encounters up to November 15 this year in the three regions of the City - - Hyderabad and Sukkur while 166 were killed. Besides, 3,534 proclaimed and 38,058 absconding accused were arrested and 144 detainees were recovered safely in the these regions. Overall 19 rocket launchers, 657 KKs, 1,260 shotguns, 7,845 pistols/revolvers, 332 rifles, 69 hand grenades besides over 48,000 rounds recovered from the dacoits and criminals arrested during the period under review. The report said that in Karachi, 6,230 dacoits were arrested and 79 killed in 809 police encounters, 329 proclaimed and 2,940 absconding accused arrested while 19 kidnapees recovered besides recovering 19 rocket launchers, 90 KKs, 8 shotguns, 4644 pistols/revolvers, 94 rifles, 68 hand grenades and over 15000 rounds. In Hyderabad Region 345 dacoits arrested and 25 killed in 207 police encounters, 195 proclaimed and 9533 absconding accused arrested and 14 kidnapees recovered. During the period 110 KKs, 335 shotguns, 1575 pistols/revolvers and over 11300 rounds recovered. In Sukkur Region 1966 dacoits were arrested and 62 killed in 1135 police encounters, 3010 proclaimed and 25,585 absconding accused arrested and 111 kidnapees recovered. Besides, 457 KKs, 917 shotguns, 1626 pistols/revolvers, 161 rifles and over 21600 rounds recovered. According to the report 40 police officers and personnel lost their lives and 160 injured during operation/action against criminals in the three regions. Home Minister Dr Zulfikar Ali Mirza has directed the police that in order to effectively deal with terrorists, saboteurs, anti-state elements and other criminals, contacts between all the departments concerned and intelligence agencies must be strengthened.