LAHORE (APP) - IGI Funds Limited, the Asset Management Company of IGI Financial Services and Packages Group, has launched the 'IGI Islamic Income Fund. The IPO dates for this Fund are 1st - 3rd December 2009 inclusive. This latest offering is the third fund to be launched by IGI Funds Limited. The company introduced the IGI Income Fund in April 2007 and the IGI Stock Fund in July 2008. These funds are rated 3 Star and 5 Star by PACRA respectively. IGI Funds aims to offer a complete suite of mutual fund products to its customers. Fund returns from existing funds have been strong and competitive. Ms. Maheen Rahman, CEO-IGI Funds, believes the new fund is ideal for investors seeking regular and steady returns from a Shariah compliant investment portfolio. She said, the Islamic Income Fund is another initiative taken by IGI Funds to offer investors a new investment solution and help them gain low risk Riba-free profits in an uncertain investment environment.