KARACHI - Despite the availability of the educational infrastructure in Lyari, many buildings are being constructed at the premises of already established schools and colleges which is not only a violation of rules but also shows the misuse of the governments funds, The Nation has learnt. As per details, non-existence of any strategy along with lack of good planning has exposed the inability of the authorities concerned over the misuse of special funds allocated for education purpose in Lyari. The higher government authorities as well as the officials concerned have violated the rules and the regulation by constructing new schools and college buildings at the same premises of the educational institutions in Lyari. After releasing of funds, the new buildings have been constructed at the open spaces and playgrounds of such schools, which has deprived the students of playgrounds. The new buildings which have been constructed were allocated for new girls school and college, and are located at the premises of SM Lyari Government Boys Secondary School located in Chakiwara, DCTO Government Boys Secondary School located in Mosa Lane area. According to the rule, the government and private schools must have playgrounds at their premises but the government itself eliminating the open spaces which were allocated for sports and other healthy activities. The carelessness of the authorities have further exposed because the newly constructed buildings are also hazardous by dint of their poor construction. It is pertinent to mention that three to five schools have already setup in the same premises of the Lyari schools which have never proved to impart better education, thus the number of students there is decreasing day by day. And this is mainly due to the lack of basic facilities in the schools including pure drinking water, no sewerage system, non-existence of trained staffers and others. Several NGOs, operating in Lyari, have strongly criticised the authorities concerned as well as the local elected representatives for misusing the special grants that was allocated for the betterment and the development of the education system in the said old area. They insisted to renovate and upgrade the buildings of schools and colleges instead of constructing new buildings in Lyari. The NGOs were of the view that if the government and authorities concerned were sincere in providing quality education to the people of Lyari, than they should renovate the present buildings of schools and colleges and provide basic facilities with good equipment and also deploy professional staffs to the educational institutes. They urged the authorities to bring betterment in the basic education system in Lyari because such medical and law colleges could not be advantageous for the Lyariites until and unless they are provided with required facilities for good education. The government has earlier announced to establish a medical college, law college and other educational institutes in Lyari but instead of allocating separate lands for such announced projects the medical college is being set up in the premises of Lyari General hospital, where the open space has already taken up for some other purposes. While the law college is decided to be established in the premises of Lyari Degree College. Owing to such negligence, the playgrounds of schools and colleges have been vanished and the remaining open places are now become over-crowded.