This is with reference to claims of political victimization by members of political elite, in response to the NRO list released by the Minister for Law. White-collar crimes and tax evasion are a worldwide phenomenon and very difficult for prosecution. If our elected elite and members of civil and uniformed bureaucracy recollect the controversy surrounding Leona Helmslay, the wife of Manhattan New York's real estate tycoon. Investigations revealed that the Helmslay family had evaded taxes to the tune of over $250 Million and on top of it the lady responding to a journalist's query had stated that fools pay taxes. The woman was sent to prison for 15 years on charges of tax evasion of a mere $150, for which the prosecution had gathered fool-proof evidence. Offers of her husband to pay $500 Million for her release were rejected. A loud and clear message was sent to all concerned. A state cannot function if tax is evaded and its resources plundered mercilessly by the paid civil or khaki bureaucracy and members of political elite. Several banks are on the verge of collapse because of the wilful default of loans to the tune of several Trillion rupees. Those charged with corruption have cited every imaginable excuse, without explaining as to how they and their families have managed to own all these assets within Pakistan and abroad. They have also failed to explain how they managed to send billions of dollars abroad through illegal channels to buy factories, villas, apartments and beef their foreign bank accounts. The jargon of political victimization is clearly a myth. SHAHZAD KHALIL, Sialkot, November 28.