ISLAMABAD (PPI) - On the third consecutive day of Eid-ul-Azha, a number of residents visited animal market, especially arranged to facilitate people to buy sacrificial animals. One visitor, Muhammad Akmal said that first two days, prices of sacrificial animals were high and he came with a hope that now the prices might have reached to his expectations. He said a 20kg goat price in the first two days was Rs 16000-25000. He said he yearns to perform religious rituals so, was trying to buy a sacrificial animal which ranges Rs 5000-10000. Kamran Elahi, also said that he had come with a dream to buy animal to perform Qurbani. He said it was difficult for him to buy goat at Rs 18000- 25000. He hoped today (Monday) he would succeed an animal at cheaper rate. Anyhow, traders said that they were not satisfied with the visitors. They said that wanted to earn just profit and did not exert burden on the purchasers. One Abdul Rehman, trader who had come from Gujrat said that provender and other expenses have reached beyond their reach. He said this was the reason that prices of sacrificial animals had increased.