LAHORE - Except some areas, the city district government Lahore (CDGL) has generally showcased a cleaner look of major portions of the City as master plan for 'Eid sanitation operation to ensure prompt removal of all sort of waste and offal of sacrificial animals was executed effectively during the Eid days. Some complaints of improper sanitation arrangements were received from different localities, especially Northern Lahore, but these were addressed promptly. The DCO personally inspected cleanliness operation and ensured the removal of sale points of sacrificial animals designated by the CDG before the onset of Eidul Azha. Quick disposal and dumping of waste and offal to the five landfill sites continued throughout three days of the Eid to save the City from environmental pollution. All the civic services providers optimising all available resources worked in coordination with the government and town administrations to keep the City neat and clean. The CDG cancelled all holidays of the employees of concerned departments of the City government towns and union councils. Around 500 pickups were hired to meet the extra load of work regarding sanitation operation. Meanwhile, around 10 water bousers patrolled round the clock to wash out blood, flesh and other wasteful stuff from the streets and roads. The places used for sacrificing the animals were sprayed with insecticide. The CDGL distributed 100,000 plastic bags among citizens for collecting animal waste. Various monitoring teams with 150 field staffers remained active at town levels to look after the sanitation affairs. All town municipal administrations set up complaints centres at their town offices to receive complaints regarding sanitation arrangements. However, burning of heads and feet of sacrificial animals along roadsides remained a major headache for CDG officials. Although the teams made in this connection ensured that no such activity was seen on main roads, they failed to control the practice along roadsides in various residential localities. Muhammad Noman, resident of Sanda, said burning of feet and heads of sacrificial animals continued unchecked till late Thursday night in the congested localities. He said several complaints were lodged with the CDG and the police but the practice continued spreading foul odour in the residential areas. Ahmed Ali, resident of Data Nagar Badami Bagh, said sanitary conditions on branch roads were pathetic. He said the sanitation staff did not lift animals waste and offal during Eid holidays. He said the CDG only cleaned the main roads to present a good look to the high officials while the roads inside residential areas were completely ignored.