Caught among the clutches of too many bosses and a lack of a proper and firm coordination are some of the major factors that shove our institutions in the pit of decline. The living proof of such a mess could be seen among three pivotal institutions of Rawalpindi; City Traffic Police (CTP), Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) and Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The traffic signals at University Chowk, Shalimar Chowk, TM Chowk, TNT Chowk, Mall Plaza Chowk and MH Chowk at The Mall of Rawalpindi went out of order four month ago but noting was done owing to the reasons mentioned above. The Mall is the city's most important artery due to some grand (sensitive) buildings but it is unfortunate that it falls into that area which is owned by RCB, a lame duck that couldn't repair traffic lights even after four month. If it is not the sheer incompetence of the RCB, what else could it be? Such inoperative signals surly don't create any trouble for the officials and workers of RCB but do create a lot of nuisance and distress for the traffic wardens who have to regulate traffic manually for eighteen hour. It should be ensured that any thing related to 'traffic on the roads' must be in the direct control of traffic police and RDA should act before consulting with traffic officials. TRAFFIC WARDEN, Rawalpindi, November 30.