Altaf Hussain must be congratulated for his efforts to comment on everything that happens in Pakistan. The system that he is operating is flawless as he misses no occasion to comment on, be it a road accident where deaths occur or a bomb blasts, passing judgment on the President, the Supreme Court verdicts and advising members of the Rabita Committee on what action to take on any issue. He frequently praises the Interior Minister who in turn praises him for whatever assistance is being offered under a well planned strategy of, ‘You scratch my back and I will scratch yours’.

When will Altaf Hussain stop interfering in our politics? I would suggest that he dabble in British politics as he lives in UK rather than take shots at Pakistani politics. He has dual nationality and is afraid to ever return as he has several criminal cases pending against him. What is Altaf Hussain actually afraid of? If he is such a great well wisher of Pakistan why doesn’t he come back and live here and suffer with all his brothers and sisters, who are paying for his luxurious life in England, and why does the UK government let him live there if he is an absconder from Pakistan?


Attock, November 27.