LUCKNOW - A politician from the famed Nehru-Gandhi dynasty will face trial accused of making a virulently anti-Muslim speech in 2009, officials said. Varun Gandhi, the great-grandson of India’s first PMJawaharlal Nehru and the nephew of Sonia Gandhi, who heads the ruling Congress party, is accused of inciting religious tension in his constituency in the state of Uttar Pradesh. “The court has decided that Varun Gandhi will face trial. He faces serious charges for making an inflammatory speech and spewing hatred against a community,” public prosecutor M.P. Verma told AFP.

 In 2009, Gandhi was caught on camera allegedly telling an election rally that his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party would “cut the heads of Muslims” and comparing a rival Muslim candidate to Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. At the time police arrested him under the National Security Act for making derogatory comments and he was instructed by the country’s top court to refrain from making provocative speeches. He will go on trial at a lower court. The lawmaker, from Pilibhit district, 260 kilometers from Uttar Pradesh’s capital city, Lucknow, has denied making inflammatory speeches and said a recording of them was “doctored”.