ISLAMABAD - Closure of U-turn at Athal chowk in Bahra Kahu and lack of fly over have posed life threat to the citizens due to meteoric rise in road accidents and nerve-wrecking traffic jam.  Earlier u-turn was serving as a deterrent in preventing traffic jams and road accidents but it was abolished without perceiving and forestalling horrendous consequences.  This chowk remains loaded tons upon tons due to battalions of shrilling traffic and earlier a relief in the form of u-turn was there to add to the comforts of people but the unscrupulous elements sitting on cozy chairs of concerned department removed it giving free hand to menace of traffic jams to take foothold.

Traffic remains jammed for hours and the school going vans and vehicles carrying government employees are the worst victims of this unruly vehicular traffic. They have to remain stuck up there for hours and this way daily late attendance is now their fate. No flyover is constructed by the authorities to alleviate  the embarrassment of the pedestrians who are seen standing alongside road staring into the blue sky when the flow of traffic eases and give way to them to cross the road. The citizens have demanded of the authorities to reopen u-turn besides building flyover at Athal intersection.