LAHORE – The majority of CNG stations owners on Friday kept their outlets closed to mount pressure on the government to withdraw its decision of lowering prices, adding to commuters’ woes.

The CNG stations were supposed to reopen on Thursday after three-day closure under the gas load management plan. But controversy between CNG association and Ogra remained unsolved. On Friday only a few CNG stations were opened for sale of Gas but long queues of vehicles were witnessed around them seeking CNG as a cheaper fuel to run their vehicles.

“It is nothing but humiliation to get gas for your car” said a motorist Nadeem who was stranding in queue for the last an hour to get his car refueled. Long queue was touching PTV station started from a CNG pump situated at Shimla Hill. Another commuter said that present government has banned the bread earning source from poor daily wages peoples like him.

He said that he was pick up owner and earn his bread by running his vehicle for pick and drop of school children but without CNG he could not run his vehicle on patrol.

People present in queues also complained about low gas pressure. Commuters and private motorists also faced trouble as long queues at the few opened CNG stations causing delays and traffic jams in several areas.

While office-bearers of All Pakistan CNG Association Punjab were of view that the station owners could not sell gas at the current price because they were doing business and no businessman wants to sell his product on loss. However, he said that only those owners opened their stations, who were ready to bear loss or were unable to face the pressure. He also said that Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) had shifted the entire burden on station owners which according to him, was sheer injustice.