PESHAWAR - The CNG Owners Association continued its strike on fifth consecutive day while a few CNG stations remained opened to provide gas to enraged masses in the provincial capital.

Long queues of motorists were observed outside different station on ring road and other surrounding area of Peshawar. The long queues of vehicle not only suffered the driver but also blocked traffic flow on key roads. Hundreds of passengers in Peshawar were gathered at bus stops as bus services remained suspended due to CNG shortage.

On October 25, SC directed CNG prices to be cut after declaring the mechanism of basing CNG prices on petrol prices illegal. The finance ministry has categorically rejected the CNG industry’s demand for a cut in taxes leading to price fall.

All Pakistan CNG Association Chairman Ghias Paracha claimed that no formal strike had been announced by the association, which station operators were observing on their own accord, adding that it was difficult for station owners to sell gas at the lowered prices and meet stations’ operational costs.

CNG users across the country said that suspension of CNG services was a failure on part of the government. They urged upon the government to give CNG to the station owners at reasonable prices aimed to avoid public miseries.

Hamid Khan CNG owners said that it is not the sin of Supreme Court but the responsibility lies upon the government to decrease the prices.  He said that only three rupees margin has been lift to CNG owners, in which they are giving rent of the building, hiring employees and depositing electricity bills.