KARACHI  - Death anniversary of noted Urdu poet and a great scholar of English literature, Dr Deen Muhammed Taseer was marked here on Friday.

Renowned Urdu poet Dr Taseer was born on 28 February 1902 in Amritsar.  He was the first person in Indo-Pak Sub-continent to get his Ph.D. in English Literature from Cambridge University. His thesis was a critical and analytical study of five hundred years of English literature.

Dr M D Taseer was an omniscience figure of Urdu and English literature. He was a first rank Urdu poet, a distinguished essayist and a creditable critic of his time. His Urdu poetry and prose have been highly appreciated by literary circles. In fact, few people know of his unpublished Eng Lit thesis captioned “India and the Near East in English literature from the earliest times to 1924”.

As a research scholar of English literature, Taseer was keen on higher studies. Dr Mohammad Allama Iqbal encouraged Taseer to go to Cambridge University in the UK. In 1932, Taseer was Assistant Professor in English at Islamia College, Lahore.

Dr MD Taseer’s thesis is a treasure-trove of analytic literary information. It also reflects Taseer’s literary prowess. The thesis remains buried in the archives of Cambridge University since 1936. It is the only permanent research work of Dr Taseer and is the real essence of his intellectual abilities. He died on November 30, 1950.