MANDI BAHAUDDIN - Former Jamaat-e-Islami ameer and Milli Yakjehti Council President Qazi Hussain Ahmed on Friday appealed to the whole nation to cast vote in favour of trustworthy and competent candidates in the upcoming elections.

Addressing a press conference here, Qazi stressed that this was the only democratic way to bring a positive change in the country. He pointed out that alliance with America was the root cause of all ills the country had been grappling with currently, adding that if the government quit this alliance the terrorism and unrest in the country would come to an end. The former JI ameer called upon the rulers to dissociate from US alliance to save the future of the nation and restoring peace in the region. To a question, Qazi said that his party had not made any decision to form alliance with any political party so far.

However, if the party leadership deems making alliance necessary, they will prefer to form alliance with any party that agree to execute manifesto of the JI," he elaborated. He said that after coming to power, his party would frame foreign policy according to the teachings of Islam. He said that US war was not against terrorism rather it aimed at disuniting Muslims.

"If elections were not held up to March 18, or attempt made to delay them, the Jamaat will take to street across the country which would be disastrous," he warned.

Earlier, he addressed Juma congregation at Madni Mosque wherein he said that Quran was a book for the guidance of Muslims and life of Prophet Hazrat Muhammed (SAWW) was a role model. He said poverty and unrest had increased in the country since joining American alliance against the so-called terrorism.

RS30 m uplift schemes approved: The District Development Committee (DDC) has approved 13 new schemes worth Rs30 million for the development in the area.

 DDC Chairman Sohail Ahmad Khan disclosed in meeting here the other day. He said that the provincial government approved special development package of Rs40 million for MNA Saira Afzal Tarar.

He said that Rs30 million will be spent on pavement of streets, laying of drains and solings in Karyiala, Mangat Neecha, Kot Kansi, Peelo, Kot Chian, Ahmadpur Chatha, Vanike Tarar, Wachhoke, Dera Joian, Dera Naliwala, Jaidke, Malkwala, Kot Said Muhammad, Thatha Sardaran, UC Nos 1/20 5/24, 7/24, Bijli Mohallah Hafizabad and Jurian.  The chairman said that uplift schemes of remaining Rs10 million would be approved shortly.

No pressure to hinder educational progress: Acting DCO Sohail Khan has said that all teachers would be bound to perform their duties honestly to improve education and no political or administrative pressure would be tolerated in this regard. He was addressing a meeting of male and female head teachers of all high schools here the other day. Referring to the CM's education roadmap, he appreciated the efforts of teacher that brought the district's ranking to 16th in 35 districts and exhorted the teachers to work for the schools.